About Us

We are empowering Community through Cinema

IWACU IN AFRICA is a Youth non-governmental organization established to propel our community towards Peace and social-economic development.
To attain our mission, we have a key focus area, the foremost being youth empowerment, and our effort is rooted in the knowledge that youth is a cornerstone of any changes and community development in the face of the modern world’s innumerable challenges.

The year 2018 marks the genesis of our social impact works. Since then, we are spreading peace though films, empowering youth with skills and tools to create jobs for themselves and for others, with philosophy that empowered young people working together are better able to become peacemakers.
We are registered and authorized with Legal personality certificate number: 643/RGB/NGO/LP/07/2020.


To have platforms to emphasize peace and to shape young African peace-filmmakers.


Spreading peace through cinema.

Strategic goals

Provide technical filmmaking skills to youth.
Promote cinema for Peace and economic growth.
Using cinema to safeguard and promote our culture .
Using cinema to emphasize health, equality and unity .

Values and Principles

Spreading Peace.
Strive to make a better world than we found.
No matter how small contribution, it makes a change.

Impacts to date

The year 2018 marks the genesis of our social impact works. We successfully organized 11 events and 9 workshops by which;


People impacted


People reached

Our Partners